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Uprosse 06-27-2018 11:22 PM

Question about decorating the room.
Hey. I really like the Oriental interior and I would like my room to have an Oriental style. I think to decorate the room with carpet and pillows, as well as to put a small sofa in Oriental design. What can you tell me about Oriental carpets?

DavidBerry 06-27-2018 11:23 PM

The most exquisite decoration of the luxurious interior has always been carpets. Turkish rugs are very popular in the creation of the Eastern style. In their production, natural materials are used, and the drawing always looks original. If you plan to create an Oriental atmosphere at home, I recommend to think about buying turkish rugs.

Uprosse 07-03-2018 11:19 AM

The first and most important rule of the interior decor is the combination of some elements with others, that is, "rhyme". Selecting different pictures, vases, cushions, etc., think about how they are combined with any object of the interior in color, shape or texture. For example, try to apply for curtains, sofa cushions and chairs or a very similar fabric or the same, but with different textures. - here is an article with some tips.

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