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Old 02-11-2018, 12:07 AM
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Default Admissions 2018: Need more vocational counseling sessions for children

Admissions 2018: Need more career counseling for students. This will help them to have more knowledge in choosing the industry for themselves, avoid the situation of choosing the wrong field.

Accordingly, of the Enrollment 2018 to be successful, from March 2-10, 2018 there will be at least 10 counseling sessions for high school students (12th grade students). and parents.

The purpose of this is to help students to have more clear and specific direction in choosing the industry suited to their abilities and interests.

From these counseling sessions, they will provide the children with some basic skills and learning methods so that they can easily overcome this gateway, in addition to helping them get through. future career orientations and information on the current human resources market.

Through counseling sessions will partly provide children with the latest information and enrollment regulations of MoET, information frame tuition fees for universities and colleges in the 2018 enrollment.

This promises to be an opportunity to help children answer questions in the review as well as questions about the choice of industry for themselves. Help them have more valuable experience to revise, gaining more solid knowledge about the disciplines and about the future human resource needs of the society.

It can be said that choosing the discipline and school of the students in the 2018 enrollment season is extremely difficult, because this year the school has changed the method of enrollment for their own. to attract contestants.

And so is the College of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCM City - which is considered one of the best quality medicine schools. In the 2018 enrollment season, the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City conducts recruitment through the examination of high school records. Only qualified students will have the chance to become students of the Ho Chi Minh City College of Medicine. Also this year, the school is paying attention to the teaching work to be able to train medical professionals skilled for the country.

And one of the industries being invested by the school is Nursing. Recognizing that there is a current reality in all hospitals, health facilities are overloaded because of the increasing demand for medical examination and treatment. While skilled nurses are lacking. Therefore, only need to register for the College of Nursing HCMC 2018 sure that in the future you will find a job that satisfies the income level is not small for yourself.

For more information about Nursing, as well as admission information from the Ho Chi Minh City College of Pharmacy, you can click on the home button.
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