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Old 02-03-2018, 04:13 AM
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Default 2018 Entrance Examination Season: Many exam schools are earlier than MoET's calendar

2018 Entrance Examination Season: Many exam schools are earlier than MoET's calendar. Specifically, many schools will conduct tests to assess students' abilities in May 2018.

The International University (HCM National University) will conduct the Examination of Qualifications - one of the six admissions methods of the school during the 2018 enrollment season on 26 and 27 May 2018. . Candidates will submit applications for registration in two months, from 15/3 to 15/5/2018.

On the morning of May 26, 2012, the students will have to take compulsory math exams and the rest will continue to take elective exams. Each session is 120 minutes, of which 30 minutes focus and listen to instructions, 90 minutes formal test.

The enrollment form of the school is to use the results of the qualifying examination held by Ho Chi Minh City International University and will be held for candidates who have graduated or are about to graduate in 2018. Students will have a good grasp of the students through the examination of knowledge of natural sciences, logical thinking, English skills and writing skills of contestants.

The content of the assessment will include knowledge in the areas of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and English of the high school program, so they need to have a thorough review plan. Can score high in this exam. Taking the Test of Proficiency, candidates will reduce the pressure of stressful study when the question of the test will be distributed in different degrees. In particular, the questions of memorization and knowledge utilization will account for about 50%, and the synthetic, computational, and creative questions will account for the remaining 50%. The total score of the test is 100 points, where the correct answers are scored, the wrong answers will not be deducted similarly to the scoring form of the National Junior High School.

Candidates are required to pass the national high school graduation exam in 2018 and must qualify for the International University Competency Examination held to be eligible for admission to the International University without Need to join other recruitment methods.

During the 2018 enrollment season, the school spends 65% of its target on the qualifying examination; 15% of the target for using the results of the 2017 high school exam; Direct selection, priority recruitment according to the regulations of enrollment in college, official college in 2018 of the Ministry of Education and Training accounted for 2%; The selection of excellent students of high schools (according to VNU's regulations) with the maximum target of 5%; Graduation based on transcripts for students with foreign nationality or Vietnamese students studying in the high school program accounting for 3%; Selection based on the results of the test capacity of VNU-HCM accounted for 10%.

Together with the International University, in the 2016 enrollment season, VGU will also apply its own enrollment form in May, with five majors including Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EEIT) 80 indicators; Mechanical Engineering (ME) 70 indicators; Computer Science (CS) 80 indicators, Finance and Accounting (BFA) 70 indicators; Business Administration (BBA) 70 indicators.

Candidates must have high school transcripts or transcripts in the 10th and 11th semesters and the 12th grade semester (for the May semester) and the 12th grade semester (for the July semester) Students must earn a grade point average of 7.0 in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Language and Literature subjects in the 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

Candidates will have to do TestAs, Core-test, English Proficiency Test (onSet), specialized knowledge. Candidates who hold equivalent international English certificates at the time of application will be exempted from the onsets (IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 440 (PBT) or TOEFL 42 (iBT). ).

It can be said that depending on the characteristics of each school that will take the form of recruitment, the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCM apply the form of enrollment through the form of admission study, only you complete the program High school children have the opportunity to participate in the enrollment in the College of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCM, this is one of the leading training colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy in the South.

One of the disciplines that is being invested by the school is the nursing industry, because the school is focused on investing in the industry because now, through the actual needs of society, Although the investment is thorough but human resources are increasingly scarce, causing the hospitals and clinics to be overloaded. College of general nursing by doing so, you do not have to go to college, but after college, you can also find a job that is incredibly attractive.

For more information on enrollment in 2018 by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCM as well as the college of nursing you can click on the button details.
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Thanks a lot for the information. Seems like you will be the right person to ask about the Bar Review Courses. I am preparing for bar and I was looking for some good courses for my preparation. My exam is by the end of this year, so I think I have enough time to prepare for it.
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