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Old 12-26-2014, 07:07 PM
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Default Make Money with CPM Pay Minimum $ 2.00 USD

CPMRox - Premium CPM Global Adv.

It is a company pay per views which has a minimum amount of $ 2 and pay NET30.

There are 4 types of banners and a good panel of statistics in real time, is very good and recommended.

Real Time Statistics and geographic orientation (country, region and the cities)

High eCPM Rates
Count All US, UK, AU, AT, BR, GE.
Payments NET30.
Minimum $ 2
PayPal Processor.
Automatic Register
Automatic Tags Activated.
Real Time Stadistics

Post CPMRox Officer - Network Advertising CPM!

CPMRox is one in which you won just by promoting our ads, in some cases many pages ads promoting timers, timers but we do not provide a minimum of 3-4 seconds per ad load is what we requested to meet the needs of our advertisers.

Already have an experience in the English market, where this type of ad networks is large and in the Latino market is not so for lack of information we bring you in Spanish advertising network that pays for impressions.

Currently our Rate per 1000 total Prints between $ 0.01 to $ 0.04 which many of misinformation to see these rates say it is somewhat, it is still high for the attention of ONLY PRINTS, moreover you By 1 Tags 1000 visits will receive $ 0.01 if this will plus 2 Tags more will receive per 1000 impressions to that page in specified $ 0.03 this is highly easy to get to the Jingling program orHitleap Premium web for 3 Euros and you have many minutes on the part Anonymous traffic you can also use a slow us 18 seconds (18 seconds for it) in the system is different hitleap 18 seconds to load our website and your visitors to arrive is a span of 10 seconds, 8 seconds remaining it reaches 3-4 seconds to count impressions from our advertisers.

We accept high traffic websites?

Yes, we accept high traffic websites, websites that do not have quality conversions are not as monetized with millions of hits you can afiliarla no problem.

We accept all kinds of websites?

No, for Adult sites are not allowed our Adservers Ecos do not accept this type of advertising impaired adults, for other websites, downloads, forums, news, portals etc. if we accept.

Do you have a company or Ad Network Paid to Promote and want Joining CPMRox?

We consider that when starting a business is constantly forced to find many ways to monetize it, for it accepts CPMRox high traffic micro enterprises to join our network, the process would be the same as an ordinary user you would have to put our advertisements on the terms that explain maximum of 3 Tags per page, and thus that would be all to start building our network.

Team Support and Account Managers, promoters reviewed daily to see some kind of FAKE or unacceptable risks visits will be sanctions for not solve the problem.


Payment terms are NET30, After the end of each month, you must wait 30 days for your payment to be automatically processed by the processor Paypal remember implement or revise your paypal address is in the details of your account at the end of each month.
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